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Mala Bead Meditation

I attended an amazing development day yesterday where I enjoyed guided meditations, and a reiki share and I learned all about mala bead meditation which even included making our own gorgeous bracelets. Lynne from the Mala Tree was amazing and very patient with us all, especially those, like me, who are not naturally gifted when it comes to crafting!

What is Mala Meditation? Mala meditation is incredibly relaxing and is useful to stop your mind wandering when trying to meditate. You can use mantras or, like me, just take a breath for each bead rotation.

A Mala is simply a string of 108 A Mala, is a string of beads. The term ‘Mala’ is a Sanskrit word for “meditation garland.”

108 is considered a ‘Magical spiritual’ number.

Bracelet Malas have 27 beads which is one-fourth of 108.

Wrist wrap Malas have 45 (usually a multiple of 9)

In addition to the “counting beads,” a Mala generally has an additional bead. Called the “guru bead at the very centre. A Mala is a tool to help you count mantras or even just your breath, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in meditation.

You can buy your own gorgeous Mala Beads from Lynne here:

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