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Using Crystals To Help Your Horse

Crystals are a really easy way to promote self healing in your horse and to alleviate any issues that they may have.

Red Jasper and Poppy Jasper are strong grounding crystals that can help your horse to be calm and less spooky. Because they are red they are also a good simulator of energy in order to promote healing.

Green Moss Agate is calming Crystal and works well with the heart chakra, meaning that it can help horses who are suffering from depression or if they struggle to trust people.

Amber is warming and healing stone that is good for pain. It comes from the resin of a tree and because of its golden glow it can help to make the horse feel safer or to help the horse that struggles with confidence feel stronger.

Citrine is another warming stone and its bright yellow colour is great in winter months to help warm and motivate you and your horse!

Clear quartz is a master healer and is great at helping you to get rid of excess energy that could lead to spooking or to balance any energy that is over or under active.

Rose Quartz is a really popular crystal and animals seem to gravitate to it. It is all about love, self-esteem and personal expression. Even having some in your pockets as you groom, ride or are just around your horses will benefit them and of course you.

Dalmatian Jasper is a powerful protective stone which can help horses to welcome changes and to accept new beginnings and for improved communication

Most types of quartz are safe in water; so if you trust your horse not to try and eat them, then you can place them in water buckets. If you are not sure this is a good idea for your horse, you can put the crystal or crystals in a water bottle over night and then put that water into your horses water bucket the next day.

You can attach crystals to your horses head collar, bridle, and rug. Or just hang them high up in the stable. You can also try letting your horse chose crystals for themselves, again as long as they don’t try to eat them!

Crystals are an amazing tool to use with your horses. There are so many different ways to work with.

Contact us for further information or to purchase a bundle suitable for your horse. Combine crystal therapy with reiki and the possibilities are endless.

***As always, please consult a vet where necessary***

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