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7 Chakra anklet

7 Chakra anklet

7 Chakra Bracelet with Flower Caps & Star Charm

Made with genuine Red Agate, Polybern Amber, Tiger Eye, Green Regalite, Blue Howlite, Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

Chakra bracelets are accessories designed to balance the seven chakras, which are said to be energy centers used for centuries by Indian and Eastern cultures. These bracelets usually consist of seven stones or charms in different colors or designs, each component representing one of the chakras — crown, brow / third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base / root.

Each bead used in a chakra bracelet can be used as a worry bead, or serve as reminders to focus on healing. This sense of focus and distraction from distress is said to be useful to recovering alcoholics and smokers, as well as to people enduring pain from childbirth or chronic disease. Given the mental aspect of this application, this can be considered part of the meditative function of chakra bracelets.

Another use of chakra bracelets relies on the power of the gemstones or crystals. These bracelets use stones with particular energy properties to subtly change the wearer's life and health. In theory, the negative energy leaves the wearer and becomes trapped in the bracelet. Positive energy then emanates from each of the stones and rebalances the chakras. There are many interpretations of the powers of different crystals.

Red (Red Agate) - Root Chakra - Basic Trust; Sexuality, Lust, Obsession, Stability, Sensuality, Security

Yellow (Polybern Amber (Resin) - Sacral Chakra - Sexual, Creativity; Basic Emotions, Relationship, Violence, Addictions, Pleasure, Joy, Creativity

Brown (Tiger Eye) - Solar Plexus Chakra - Wisdom, Power; Complex Emotions, Personal Power, Fear, Anxiety, Opinions, Introversion

Green (Green Regalite) - Heart Chakra - Love, Healing; Complex Emotions, Compassion, Devotion, Unconditional Love, Rejection, Well-Being

Blue (Blue Howlite / Turquonite ) - The Throat Chakra - Communication; Self-Expression, Communication, Independance, Fluent Thought, Security

Indigo / Dark Blue (Lapis Lazuli) - Third Eye Chakra - Awareness; Balance of Higher & Lower Self, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Consciousness, Clarity

Violet (Amethyst) - Crown Chakra - Spirituality; Pure Consciousness, Spiritual Unity, Meditation, Karma, Transcendance

Can also be worn on the ankle, although please check measurements prior to purchase.


Bracelet Length - 19cm + 4cm extension chain = 23cm maximum length approx.

(7.5 inches + 1.6 inch extension chain = 9.1 inches maximum length approx.)

Beads measure 0.8cm approx.

Lobster clasp fastening


Red Agate, Polybern Amber, Tiger Eye, Green Regalite, Blue Howlite, Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

Silver tone alloy

Price is for 1x bracelet - Will be sent in an organza bag for gifting and / or storage

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