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Golden Healer Sphere

Golden Healer Sphere

Golden Healer Quartz is a crystal of success. It will increase your self-confidence and boost your creativity that will help you achieve success in your business and financial pursuits.

It will help keep your focus and filter out the distractions. It will also encourage you to move forward after going through a disappointing or negative experience.

Golden Healer Quartz will enhance your joy and happiness and diffuse your unhealthy feelings, fears, and insecurities.

It will make you focus on all the great things that you have in your relationship and inspire you to increase these positive feelings.

This crystal will also get rid of the negative energies in you, whether they are overly critical thoughts, destructive emotional behaviors, stagnant energies, unreleased pains, or lack of a deeper understanding regarding a certain situation.

It will act as a refreshing and welcome wakeup call that will make you realize just what you’re doing and what you should be doing.

It will also make you reflect on all your actions and decisions, and everything that you have done to get to where you are.

This crystal will remind you that nothing good and beautiful ever comes easy.

***This stone has a very slight mark that looked like it has been damaged in transit hence the reduced price***

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