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Reiki Drumming

A still life of the shamanic drum, Tibetan singing bowls and maracas on a background of fo

What Is Reiki Drumming?


Reiki drumming is a specialized method of healing that makes use of the sound waves from the drum to introduce Reiki energy more deeply into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief. As stress is relieved, physical and emotional tensions in the physical body are often released as well.


Reiki Drumming helps people express and address emotional issues, aiding in the removal of blockages and producing emotional release. Studies have linked drumming with positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.  Reiki Drumming can also benefit conditions where neurological damage has occurred as drumming has been shown as beneficial in promoting these connections in the brain, for example, Parkinson's and stroke sufferers. 

Reiki Drumming can be used to treat:

  • To release emotional pain eg PTSD, anger, stress

  • To help with communication/social skills

  • To increase self-esteem and aid with positive mental health

  • To help with memory eg Alzheimers/dementia

  • To help with ADHD/ASD

  • To help with movement eg Parkinson's, strokes, MS, paralysis

  • To energise those who are tired

  • To relax into a deep meditation or trance

  • To improve mood eg happiness

  • To increase feelings of community

Contract Indications for Reiki Drumming:

  • Epilepsy - cannot be treated

  • Psychosis/schizophrenia - cannot be treated

  • Pacemakers - can be treated with care and by avoiding the heart area

  • Diabetes - can be treated but the client needs to monitor their blood sugar levels.  

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