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My name is Angela Craney and I am a Reiki Master Teacher - CNHC Reg. and a Holistic Therapist offering various services covering Flintshire and surrounding areas. I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, fully insured and Mental Health Aware (MHFA).


Based in the quiet, rural village of Babell, nr Holywell, North Wales, I offer a variety of treatments that I combine with Reiki. These include Reiki Crystals, Reiki Drumming, Distance Reiki and even Indian Head Massage with Reiki. 


I also offer Reiki appointments for animals and specialise in Equine Reiki which can be tailored to you and your horse in any number of ways.  Reiki can help your horse in a variety of stressful situations or even if they just need to relax and learn to focus on the job at hand.  Reiki can also support the healing process when your horse is under the care of a vet.  

I live on a semi-rural equestrian smallholding with my dog and two horses.  Having spent my youth competing in dressage to Advanced level, I now enjoy a simpler life spending time with and taking care of my two and four-legged family members.  

I only offer Reiki courses and appointments from my therapy room in Babell but I regularly travel all around Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wirral and Cheshire for animal appointments. Group booking discounts are available.

Corporate b0okings are also available upon request.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide everything we do:

  1. Compassion: We approach each client with empathy, understanding, and kindness, recognising that every individual and animal is unique and deserving of love and care.

  2. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and integrity in our Reiki practice, respecting the privacy, autonomy, and dignity of all clients.

  3. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, working closely with clients, caregivers, and other holistic health practitioners to provide comprehensive and integrated care.

  4. Empowerment: We empower clients to take an active role in their healing journey, providing education, support, and resources to help them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

  5. Respect for Nature: We honour and respect the natural world and the sacred bond between humans and animals, recognising that all living beings are interconnected and deserving of love, respect, and compassion.

  6. Continuous Learning: We are committed to ongoing learning and professional development, staying informed about the latest research, techniques, and best practices in Reiki and holistic healing.

  7. Accessibility: We strive to make Reiki healing accessible to people and animals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, offering flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and mobile services when possible.

By embodying these values in our daily practice, we aim to create a nurturing and healing environment where clients can experience profound healing, transformation, and empowerment on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

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