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Price List


  • Reiki (in-person in Babell) £30/hour​

  • Reiki (in-person in Babell) £20/30mins

  • One Horse/Dog/Cat Reiki (at owner's address/yard) £35 per visit
  • Two Horses/Dogs/Cats Reiki (at owner's address/yard) £30/animal/per visit

  • Three Horses/Dogs/Cats Reiki (at owner's address/yard) £25/animal/per visit

  • Four or more Horses/Dogs/Cats Reiki (at owner's address/yard) £20/animal/per visit

  • Distance Reiki including horses/cats/dogs £30/hour

  • Distance Reiki including horses/cats/dogs £20/30 mins
  • Indian Head Massage with Reiki (in-person in Babell) £30/hour

  • Reiki Drumming (in-person in Babell) £30/hour

For home/yard visits 26-70 miles from CH8, there will be an additional £20 charge.  Please contact me to discuss charges for home/yard visits over 70 miles from CH8. 


Payment is required prior to or on completion of your session, please. If you are paying on the day please bring the correct cash with you.  Alternatively, you can pay online when booking. 


At present, I do not charge a deposit for appointments at my house, however, deposits are required for appointments elsewhere. 


My online booking system allows me to schedule my diary and provides you with email and text appointment reminders.

You will receive a booking confirmation by email. Please check your spam or junk if you do not see it. It is your responsibility to manage your own bookings and diary.  You can do this by using the amend button on your booking confirmation and choosing an alternative day or by emailing me.

All appointments require a minimum of 24 hours' notice of change or cancellation, please. The full 24 hours notice allows me to reschedule your appointment and your deposit will remain valid. In the event of an emergency, please give me as much notice as possible.    

In the event of needing to cancel your booking myself, I will give you as much notice as possible. This will be a minimum of 24 hours' notice, unless in an emergency. In the event that I am unable to re-book an appointment for you for any reason or we cannot agree on a suitable alternative date, any deposit is fully refundable.

I have the right to refuse treatment at any time.  

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