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De-Stressed Dressage

Yesterday, whilst at the #britishdressage Senior Home Nationals competition, I was asked to help with a stressed and anxious dressage horse who had travelled down to Kelsall from Scotland.

Although he was ok under saddle, he was particularly stressed by his stable the surroundings, especially when he could hear the horses behind on the gallops. Having used Reiki regularly at home and spotting my logo on sponsored rider Steffi Craney’s jumper, she asked if I would help.

When I approached, I could see her horse was fuelled by adrenaline and tension and looked very distressed, but thankfully he quickly connected with the healing energy and his eyes became soft, he relaxed his muscles and he started licking his lips. With a little bit of persuasion we got him into his stable and before long he was eating, settled and even had a wee!

I went to check on him today and he was a lot calmer and the combo rode a lovely test. He didn’t even look like the same horse today.

I’m so pleased that I was around yesterday to help both horse and rider, who were clearly exhausted and in need of some relief. It was also lovely to meet a rider who takes such good care of her horse’s emotional and mental wellbeing and clearly does everything she can to make him happy and comfortable in himself.

I didn’t expect to be giving a public Reiki demonstration but hopefully people will have seen the positive effects of Reiki on horses and will consider incorporating it into their care programme 🙏🏻



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