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I have a certificate!!!

Whilst the certificate is for a one day workshop, what it doesn't show is the length and complexity of the written assessment which had to be completed and submitted following the event. It felt very much like an exam paper! It's been years since I submitted any work for marking and working in a University Biological Sciences department meant the pressure was on, especially as part of the assessment was anatomy and physiology.

The day itself was fascinating and covered setting up your own Reiki business, anatomy and physiology and the essentials that you need to consider when working as a Reiki Practitioner. This was an online course via Zoom but it was extremely thorough and in-depth. I found that having treated some clients and reading about Reiki II helped as the UK Reiki Federation questionnaire covered topics that needed a lot more experience in order to answer some of the questions.

I have two more development days coming up in May, the first being a Crystals Workshop, which I am so excited about. Then it's just a case of submitting all the paperwork around my case studies, self-treatments, ad-hoc treatments and another essay *groan* on protecting myself energetically. Then it's just a case of practising as much as possible on family and friends before commencing Reiki II in September.

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