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What is Horse Reiki? How does it work?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Reiki has a high vibrational energy that puts the receiver in a deeply relaxed state to enable healing.

Clients can see the effect a Reiki session has on their horse when they witness the physical signs of lips quivering, licking and chewing, twitching, stretching, yawning and appearing to fall asleep.

These reactions in your horse are signs of energy  release caused by the Reiki that I channel through my body and mainly through my hands.

The energy that flows out of me and into your horse is purely healing. I work with this energy on multiple levels simultaneously to the laying of my hands to release physical, mental and emotional resistances and blocks, ultimately helping you and your horse feel more relaxed, happier and healthier. I read the energy that is released by them and that is largely what I communicate to you during the session.

I hope this post has sparked an interest in Reiki for you and demonstrated that Reiki is not that different, it's just unfamiliar to you.

Equine Reiki appointments will be offered very soon.

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